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The Battle Against COVID-19

The world changed overnight. Thermo Fisher took action.

“They have a huge industrial capability; they have instruments; they have everything that goes with it… So, we’re trying to encourage laboratories around the country, including universities, to use these because Thermo Fisher could make tens of millions of high-quality laboratory-based assays.”

Admiral Brett Giroir
Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department
of Health and Human Services (HHS)

We can help you understand, diagnose
and protect from COVID-19

Serving Science

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Get answers, keep moving.

With involvement in more than 50% of worldwide testing, Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading single source-supplier in COVID-19 testing. We're expanding global testing solutions and urgently working on innovative ideas to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow.

Leveraging our scale, high quality solutions, and resources to help the world move forward. 

COVID-19 Molecular Testing

Solutions you can trust. Information you need.

Latest Allergy & Autoimmune Diagnosis

We’ve spent 50+ years leading immunodiagnositcs

“Previously healthy adults can suddenly develop potentially life-threatening reactions to red meats. The delayed nature of the reaction adds to the difficulty that clinicians and patients have in identifying the cause of the symptoms…and makes an accurate diagnosis critical for managing this disease.”

– Thomas Platts-Mills

MD, professor of medicine and microbiology at the

University of Virginia School of Medicine

New! ImmunoCAP™ Specific lgE alpha-Gal

Allergen Component Test


A valuable tool for aiding antibiotic stewardship

Thermo Scientific™ B•R•A•H•M•S
PCT™ sensitive KRYPTOR™


Our sensitive, specific STAT biomarker gives insight into antibiotic therapy decision-making and differential diagnoses of bacterial infection and sepsis.

Insights into antibiotic treatment

Automated Drug Testing

From sample collection and tracking to testing and results reporting, all the steps are integrated. Typically less expensive, more efficient,
and cost effective.


Learn how automated drug testing
can fit into your drug testing workflow.

Fast, Accurate Drug Monitoring & Screening

We bring 30 years of experience to our drugs of abuse tests

Fast Track to Confident Results: LC-MS Innovations

Solutions designed to empower

Thermo Scientific™ Tox Explorer™
Collection for LC-MS


Analyze drug compounds in multiple biological matrices with unprecedented speed, ease, and confidence, regardless of user experience level.

Quick to start-up and easy to use,
improve efficiency and reduce cost.

For General Lab Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic procedures.

Turnkey Mass Spec for Clinical Diagnostics

One solution designed for a simplicity and accuracy

Improve Lab Efficiency: Microbiology

Streamline workflows with a complete range of microbiology products

Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ ARIS HiQ System

Confidently perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and detect emerging antibiotic resistance with gold standard-level1 broth microdilution accuracy and the power of automation.

Don’t miss our COVID-19 Roundtable Discussion on advancing antibiotic stewardship

1Gram negative anaerobe susceptibility testing in clinical isolates using Sensititre and Etest methods. C. Hughes, C. Ashhurst-Smith, J.K. Ferguson. Pathology Volume 50

Simplify your QC

Streamline your workflow and consolidate multiple QC Products

Thermo Scientific™ AcroMetrix™ QC

High-quality molecular products, including controls and validation panels, to assist in the implementation and monitoring of assays for clinical and research laboratories, blood centers, and IVD manufacturers.



Oncology, transplant, infectious disease and blood screening solutions from AcroMetrix

Just for AACC! Workshops and Lectures

Our workshops and lectures for AACC 2020 are designed for insight. Please visit the
AACC Expo site to watch them on demand. After AACC, you can view these at
ThermoFisher.com/aacc. We hope you’ll join us.

Putting the Applied Biosystems TaqPath™

COVID-19 Kit to the Test:
Clinical Performance Against the Competition

Ninad Mehta

PhD, Pathology Fellow
ARUP Laboratories

Manoj Gandhi

Senior Director, Clinical
Thermo Fisher Scientific

MS Proteotyping of Human Cancers in Oncology Therapeutic Development

Daniel C. Liebler

Ph.D., President
Protypia, Inc


Part 1: The Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection:

Robust LC-MS Workstream for Toxicology Analysis

Deb Bhattacharyya

PhD, Sr. Manager, Vertical Marketing
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kristine Van Natta

PhD, Strategic Marketing

Applications Specialist
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Part 2: Thermo Scientific TraceFinder™ Software Overview and Implementation of a Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer for the Identification and Quantitation of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Postmortem Forensic Investigations

Alex J Krotulski

PhD, Research Scientist III
The Center for Forensic Science
Research and Education

Taís R. Fiorentin

PhD, Research Scientist II
The Center for Forensic Science
Research and Education


Unraveling the Diagnostic

Mystery of Alpha-Gal

Gary Falcetano

PA-C, Clinical Affairs Manager, Allergy
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Rapidly Scaling High-Throughput COVID-19 Testing With The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution

Robert Balog

PhD, Director of Research and
Development Thermo Fisher Scientific

Elliot Shelton

Sr. Director, High-Throughput Program
Management Thermo Fisher Scientific

A Single Test for the Overlap of

COVID-19 and Flu Season:
Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B Combo Kit

Michael Schumaker

Director, Research and Development,
Genetic Testing Solutions
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Practical Demonstration of the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer for LC-MS/MS Specialty Diagnostic Testing

Jorge Salazar

Senior Account Manager, Clinical Mass
Spectrometry Thermo Fisher Scientific

LC-MS Toxicology Workstreams, Orbitrap Technology, and Intuitive Software

Enable Confident, Concise, and Comprehensive Results in Drug Analysis

During the AACC Expo! Tour the Thermo Scientific™ Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer

A turnkey solution, get assays, software, accessories, consumables and support in a fully integrated and automated system. 

Join a live interactive virtual demo and see what this groundbreaking instrument can do.

Thermo Fisher Scientific products are distributed globally so uses, applications, and availability of product in each country depend on local regulatory marketing authorization status.

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